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Week 3: Sun, sea and Sand! The Family holidays survival guide

Sun, sea and sand! The Family holidays survival guide

Do you know what paperwork you need to take with you when you go on holiday with kids, where to report a lost wallet or who to call if someone is taken ill? We’ve all been there, but follow these clever ideas to make sure your holiday stress free and memorable for all the right reasons.

Before you leave...

  • These are the travel documents you will need to take with you:

- Passport for each person. Check that they are in date well in advance. Some countries (including USA) insist that there are 6 months left to run on a valid passport
- Visas for the country you are visiting if necessary
- Tickets or e-ticket print outs for flights/trains/ships travel
- Car hire booking form, drivers license - don’t forget to check if you need to take child car seats with you. Hire companies can run out during peak season.
- Hotel/resort booking form and details- address, phone number and your reference number
- Insurance policy and contact details. Make sure you know what number to call in an emergency before you leave home. Also check what dialing codes you may need to know. You don’t want to find it when you are in a hurry.
- If you are traveling to an EU country you are entitled to state medical treatment, but will need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which you can apply for via the NHS website Even with a EHIC card you must still have valid travel insurance
- Before you leave photocopy all your documents and either leave them with a relative or friend or email them to yourself. Do the same for credit card numbers and the numbers to cancel them so they are easily retrievable if needed.


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  • To avoid jet lag try and encourage everyone to get onto local times as soon as you get on the plane. Eating meals at the right time will really help to adjust. So will going to bed at the right time but we know how challenging that can be with kids!
  • Pour some Bold liquid detergent into a small container so you can do some hand washing of swimming costumes to prevent them from becoming damaged from all that chlorine, sun and sea water.
  • Take your favorite tea bags- no tea abroad ever tastes the same!

While you’re there...

  • Sun safety is very important on holiday, so apply sun cream before you leave your room for the beach. It will prevent any squirming kids desperate to get into the sea from wriggling away. It also gives the cream time to soak in properly.
  • In very hot temperatures keep kids covered up with a t-shirt, even in the pool to avoid those harmful UV rays causing sun burn. Kid’s skin is thinner than adults so always use 25 spf or higher. Better still stay out of the sun at the hottest times of the day. It’s also a good idea to protect their eyes with sunglasses. This shouldn’t be a problem as I haven’t come across a kid yet who doesn’t love a pair of sunglasses. Make sure they are UV protective.
  • If your child does get sun burn (we’ve all missed patches before!) pop them in a cool bath or cover the area with a cold wet towel then apply calamine lotion or soothing tea tree oil. Anything that will take the heat away.
  • An easy way to get sand off a sticky child is to rub talc on them. It’ll be much easier to remove without all that scratching.
  • Plait long hair before getting into the sea or pool. It’s also a good idea to wet it thoroughly in a shower with clean water before the first splash. The hair will be less sun/ sea/ chlorine damaged that way and the tangles will be much tamer. When showering after swimming, always brush Pantene conditioner through before rinsing.

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