Take a staycation this summer

Take a staycation this summer

There are some lovely ways to make weeks at home in the school holidays feel really special. Relaxing, different, fun – and no need to dig out your passports!

Getting started – golden rules for a fun week’s holiday at home

1. Ask the kids – You might think you know what your family loves to do, but it’s worth getting everyone’s opinion of dream days out and ideas for fun evenings in. Write them on post-it notes then spend a little time arranging them in order on the table and you’ve got your week’s schedule sorted.
2. Ditch the chores – It’s important that your days together don’t feel like any normal weekend, so banish boring tasks. Hide the vacuum cleaner and get the laundry done in advance or just ignore it for a few days, it’ll get done eventually.
3. Eat differently – If you were on holiday you wouldn’t be having the same dinners as at home. Look up some Mediterranean recipes in our Food section and be creative at mealtimes: eat breakfast in the garden, serve fish fingers and fries in paper wrapping like you’re eating them on the seafront, or make simple menus for evening meals as if you’re in a restaurant.


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3 staycation ideas for a great week off

The luxury getaway – Imagine you’re at a five-star hotel and fill your week with sporty and pampering activities: a trip to the local mini golf or pitch and putt, a fun splash session at your nearest swimming pool and maybe even a highlight trip to stables for a pony trek.
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The seaside escape – Even if you don’t have time or budget for a week at the beach, try to fit in a couple of daytrips if you can. Plan a day out at the beginning of your week so your kids come home with beachy inspiration. Then get the paddling pool out and decorate the back garden like it’s the seaside for a few days. Create a sandbox (don’t leave it out at night, in case of cats), make a lighthouse out of a tower of painted cardboard boxes, lay out towels out on the grass as if it was sand. Use your imaginations to complete the experience, serving ice creams in cones and so on, then at the end of your week treat everyone to another seaside excursion as your finale.
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The sightseeing trip – If your family is bursting with energy, why not plan five days of amazing days out, with a theme park at the end of a fun climax to your week? Keep it varied and bear in mind your kids’ passions – space travel, animals, history, whizzy science, dressing up. Daytrips really don’t have to be expensive – museums, galleries and shopping centres across the country have brilliant school holiday activities for free. Take a look at the Kids in Museums website to find good places near you, and encourage your children to take photos and keep tickets and postcards to create a scrapbook of memories.
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Even if you don’t have time or budget for a week at the beach

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