Tips for Easter Activities

Tips for Easter activities

Ideas for family days out and home entertaining to make the Easter weekend special.

Arrange in advance to be together with friends or family and get the most out of your time off.

Family games for Easter morning
Ahead of Easter lunch, get everyone out early then you won’t feel bad if the rest of the day is spent playing family games and relaxing.

Take the kids on an Easter egg hunt. Many parks and attractions across the UK host free or very cheap egg hunts. The kids get to run around and you can watch them while letting someone else do the organising! The National Trust holds events across the country, search for one near to you at their website.

A country walk for all ages
Get the whole family out for some fresh air this Easter weekend, whatever the weather.

  • Inspire the smallest children in your group to organise everyone else into their wellies – the promise of playing in the trees and seeking out muddy puddles is irresistible!
  • Get older children or a teenager to find the perfect walking route and to create a challenge like a treasure hunt or nature trail.
  • Suggest to granny and grandpa that they bring a camera along so they have an excuse to stop and rest along the way if they want to.

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Eating out with the family
If you fancy a break from the kitchen, spend quality time out and go for a family meal.

With young children, a cosy park café can be a good alternative to a restaurant. Grown-ups can chat while the kids can play in the park. Park cafés can be cheaper than restaurants, too.

If you have teenagers with you, let them invite a friend so they don’t get bored, and book them a table next to you.

If there are a lot of you, long tables can feel a bit unsociable. Have some small games or word puzzles handy in your bag, to amuse children and get the adults talking when you’re waiting for your food.

Savvy tip
We’ve got lots of Easter recipes for you to try, from starters to hot cross buns! How about this? Easter recipes: Lamb Sunday roast.

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