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Week 1: Top travel tips for packing like a pro

How many times have you gone on holiday and only worn half of what you took with you? Or worse, had to pay excess baggage for taking way too much stuff?

Well, we don’t want you to be in that situation again so we’re going to share some of our professional tips for holiday packing. You’ll be able to stay within weight restrictions, prevent creases in your clothes and still have everything you need for a fantastic holiday?  Want to see how? Check out my video.

Get organised, and make sure you plan what to take on holiday well in advance. Create a packing list, this is a really great way to make sure you don’t forget anything, especially when you are packing for holiday with the family. Cross off everything on your travel checklist as you pack it and take an extra copy with you. Don’t take everything and the kitchen sink - choose clothing in one or two colour palettes and plan your outfits for the whole week, that way everything will match. Lay all the clothes out on the bed and make sure you can create at least two or three outfits with each piece. If it doesn’t work with another item remove it. Be strict with yourself!

To avoid creased clothing pack each item (group small items like t-shirts or vest tops) in zip lock sandwich bags. The bags allow the clothes to move a little rather than be squished in against each other when packed, making them ready-to-wear when you arrive. While we’re at it, resist the urge to use those elastic straps that all suitcases seem to have. They just squish your clothing even more!

When you’re packing for holiday, remember to place heavier items in the bottom of the suitcase first, like jeans and jumpers then gradually add lighter items until you’re done. This helps reduce creases.

Shirts should be folded flat and placed on top to avoid creasing. You can shake them out and hang them as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Avoid rolling clothes. It may prevent some creases (we’re not convinced) but each item will take up more space.


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Place shoes soles down around the bottom of the suitcase in a plastic bag. You can add t- shirts and other small items to the outer edges once the majority of your clothes are packed. They will fill the curves of your case and protect any breakables you want to bring home with you.

If you are going to be arriving late at night be sure to pack your nightwear last so you can find it straight away.

Don’t take enough Pantene to last a month if you’re going on a one week holiday. Decant all your favorite toiletries into smaller bottles - even the toothpaste! If you’re taking just hand luggage you will need each bottle to be less than 100ml.

Choose a toiletry bag that unrolls and has separate compartments. You can find everything easily- no rummaging and they take up less space and can be packed flat for convenience. Pop it in a plastic bag for extra security against spillages.


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excellent tips thanks

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Also I found that the bottles need to be clear plastic ones, especially for ryanair, also depending on whether the security are in a good mood or not some will let you through with 2 clear plastic bags instead of the one 0_o Stansted are terrible for this. Hope this helps.

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