Travel Advice and tips for journeys with pets

Travel Advice and tips for journeys with pets

Practical tips and travel advice for making journeys with your pets as easy and stress free as possible

Plan the journey
Always make sure you have a pet travel carrier which is strong, and easy to clean, in case your pet soils or gets travel sick. It should allow them to sit and stand up at full height, turn around and lie down in a natural position. 

If your pet is not used to car travel, take them on several short journeys before you go on holiday. This will make the experience less stressful for them and you. 

If it’s a long journey, build in two hour breaks so you can feed your pet. Remember to feed your pet at least two hours before you leave to reduce the chance of car sickness.

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Make sure your pet is safe
Make sure your dog or cat is wearing a securely fitted collar with your name, address and telephone number – just in case!

It’s safest to keep dogs and cats in a pet carrier or basket during the journey as it means they cannot distract the driver by moving around.

When you pack the car, ensure there is plenty of ventilation around the pet carrier so your pet does not overheat and it should be properly secured in the car.

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Regular checks 
Check your pet regularly during the journey to make sure they are not getting too hot.


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Give them water to drink whenever you stop the car.

For a dog, take them for a short walk on a lead, but make sure you put the lead on before you open the door so they don’t escape.

For a cat, only let them out of their cat carrier travel basket inside the car with the windows and doors fully closed and locked. You should also offer them access to a drink and litter tray inside the car.

Never leave your pet unattended in the car
If you are having a break from driving, make sure someone stays with your pet in the car. Cats and dogs die in hot cars every year, so make sure this does not happen to your pet!

Long journeys
Take your pet’s regular food with you and feed them a light meal around the time they would normally eat.

Make sure your pet is allowed to rest and digest their food for two hours before continuing on your journey.

If you are going abroad, check which documents and health certificates your pet will need for travelling, such as a pet passport.

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