Travel advice for easy stress-free travel

Travel advice for easy stress-free travel

Tips for getting organised, being comfortable and keeping kids amused whether you’re using plane, car, boat or train travel.

Travel planner checklist

  • Avoid unnecessary delays to your holidays – check passports are up to date. NB Some countries will not accept a passport unless it has at least six months left on it.
  • Check your destination’s requirements for relevant visas, travel vaccinations etc.
  • Check your mobile phone contract for the cheapest usage options abroad. Don’t leave this until you’re already away or you’ll pay unnecessary access charges for at least the first day.
  • Take a guidebook or a map. You can use your phone or tablet abroad but in a busy city, it’s safer to pull out a piece of paper than an expensive gadget.
  • Check what the latest security requirements and restrictions are if you’re flying.
  • Pack a travel plug for your charger!

Travel in comfort
  • Research check-in times and facilities at the airport or station to avoid too much walking getting tired and hungry.
  • Try to eat as well as you can – too many snacks will make you feel muggy.
  • Sit well. Once you’re in a seat, make sure it’s right for you. Use a coat or cushion if you need to, for back support.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Feet can swell on long journeys.

How to keep the kids entertained on family holidays
  • Where at all possible leave cuddly toys at home or keep them super-safe – you don’t want a beloved teddy to go missing.
  • Take a small stash of pencils (pens can leak or run dry) and a drawing book with you to carry onboard.
  • Think of fun kids games to play on journeys or when you’re by the beach – maybe a favourite card game or even a drawing or wordplay activity.
  • Travel can be horribly noisy for small children. Load a music player with stories or gentle songs they can cuddle up and relax to.

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Savvy tip

Feel great when you arrive – rub a favourite moisturiser into your face, hands and feet, or clean off make-up and reapply. It takes two minutes and it’s a great pick-me-up.

Pass it on – long-haul wisdom
  • Avoid jet lag – get a good night’s sleep before travelling and switch to the local time of your destination as soon as you can.
  • Staying refreshed – alcohol is dehydrating, so drink water and other soft drinks while you’re flying.
  • Don’t stay cramped in one position on long flights – move around, stretch your legs and follow airline advice about staying healthy in the sky.

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