Turn flip-flops into fashion sandals

Turn flip-flops into fashion sandals

Try our three-minute trick for customising everyday flip-flops into classy summer footwear

Flip-flops are easy and so much more convenient to live in all summer, but what if you have to dress up? The great thing about this easy craft idea is that you can improvise with fabrics and details to match whatever you’re wearing. And when you’re done it’s easy to get your flip flops back again

You will need
•Pair of basic flip-flops in your shoe size
•A big scarf or a piece of fabric you like (it will need to be at least four times the length of your foot)

1. Measure the width of your fabric to 20cm in.

2. Cut into the fabric just a centimetre or so, to start creating the strip. Then tear the fabric down this cut so you have a ribbon of material 20cm wide.

3. Repeat to get a second piece of fabric exactly the same size.

4. Fold in the edges of each length of fabric.

5. Then take your length of fabric and twirl it tight.

6. Fix the middle of the twirled strip onto the flip-flop’s strap.


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7. Start wrapping it around on both sides of your flip flop’s strap.

8. When you reach the end of each strap tie a knot to hold the fabric twirl in place.

9. Tie it twice at the back, making sure it fits the length of your foot. Then pop your foot in and finish off with a knot around your ankle.

TIP If you’re buying a new sun dress, why not see if the store is selling matching scarfs? If it’s not too expensive the matching scarf fabric is the ideal material to make your glam flip-flops co-ordinate your new outfit.

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*Always exercise caution when using sharp tools.

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Absolutely brilliant going to try and make a pair by using a plait.

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wow how amazing these look great

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oh who thats amazing

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Great idea - think I'll look out for summery remnants when I'm out and about.

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