Home craft – a fresh start for an old suitcase

Home craft – a fresh start for an old suitcase

Supersavvyme gives instructions for how to rejuvenate an old suitcase to make an eyecatching piece of home decor which doubles as a handy storage table.

Re-covering an old suitcase provides extra storage space, and as a table it adds a great décor feature to your bedroom.

You will need:
1. Old suitcase
2. Patterned fabric
3. Unbleached linen
4. Sugar soap
5. Modge Podge (wet glue)
6. Brush
7. Plastic drop sheet
8. Craft knife
9. Needlework scissors
10. Dressmaker’s pins
11. Measuring tape
12. Pencil and paper
13. Pegs

1. Wash the suitcase inside and out with a sugar-soap solution and leave to dry. Measure the various sides and write down all the measurements – it’s a good idea to do it on a small sketch.

2. Cut the pieces from the linen so you can use them as a pattern. Cut the pieces precisely according to your measurements and label them.

3. Iron all the linen pattern pieces as well as your patterned fabric to remove creases. Pin the linen pattern pieces to the fabric and cut them out with a 3cm allowance included for folding over the edges.

4. Place the fabric pieces right side up on a plastic sheet or a black bag, then paint over with a coat of wet glue. Leave to dry overnight – the fabric will come away from the plastic easily when it is dry.


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5. Put the long piece that covers the front, base and back right side down on your work surface and position the case on top of it. Carefully mark the positions of the two locks and the ends of the handle – remember the 3cm allowance for folding over the edges. Cut crosses with your craft knife at these marks and also cut a slit for the handle to fit through. Paint a coat of wet glue over the front of the case and to the edge of the matching fabric section.
TIP Spray a little water over the fabric if it is too stiff to work with.

6. Rub the fabric with your hands firmly onto the front of the suitcase and over the edge. Paint another coat of Modge Podge over the fabric. Smooth out any bubbles and wipe away any excess Modge Podge with a damp cloth. Make sure the edges of the fabric at the slit for the handle meet neatly, and carefully cut away the sections around the locks and handle ends. Turn the case over and cover the base and back in the same way. Hold the fabric in place with pegs, if necessary.
TIP Keep a bucket of warm water close by to wash your hands in as you work so the fabric doesn’t get dirty.

7. Peg the linen pattern pieces for the sides in position. Trace the shape right around 0.5cm inside the edges and cut out on the new line.

8. Pin the side-panel pattern pieces to the fabric pieces and trim to fit, but leave a 3cm allowance on the top edge.

9. Check that the front fabric piece fits and cut away more if necessary. Paint Modge Podge over the side of the suitcase and the wrong side of the fabric.

10. Stick the fabric in position as before and paint another coat of Modge Podge over it (on the patterned side, now). Repeat for the other side panel. Complete by sticking the fabric to the top of the suitcase in the same way.

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brilliant idea just need to find an old suitcase.

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I love love love decoupage, im new to it and some of the things you can do are utterly amazing. Havent had the guts to do a suitcase yet but this might be my next project!

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I am going to give this a try as my old suitcase was going to go to the bin but it makes sense to revamp it as it works perfectly fine it just looks ld and tatty! Ooh now which fabric do I choose...hard decision :)

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