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12 Week Scan

12 Week Scan

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I can’t tell you how nervous I was about this. It was a mixture of worrying that the baby would actually be THERE and healthy, and walking down the same hospital corridors again. I felt just as unprepared as I did when I was pregnant with Evie. But all this was forgotten as soon as I heard that strange whooshing sound and then the tiniest drumming of a heartbeat.


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Later on, Dave and I sit on the sofa looking at the photograph of the scan and trying to decide when to tell Evie and Tom. We decide to wait a bit - to let us get our heads around it and also Tom is RUBBISH at waiting for things - he’s already pestering me about when Santa Claus is coming. Plus, the baby is quite hard to make out in the picture and this may be confusing for the kids. As Dave pointed out, at the moment it looks as though I may be giving birth to a weather front.

- Thursday 5th June 2014

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