Fresh start: 5 great back-to-school ideas

Fresh start: 5 great back to school ideas

Get the whole family into the best weekly routine for going back to school.

Little home-life changes you can make so everyone gets back into the right frame of mind to achieve great things in the school classroom.

1. Create a Meal Planner
Giving a bit of structure to each day will help everyone feel more organised. Put together a list of everyone’s favourite, practical dinners – good value meals that don’t take too long to make on a weekday evening – then map out a list of dishes over a two-week rota.

Check our ideas for easy winter suppers.

2. Sort your hallway out
Before the school term starts, sift through the coats to check you’ve only got things hanging up that you actually need – other tops and jackets can be stored away or sent back to bedrooms. Create a space where school bags can be ready waiting once homework has been done the night before.

3. Prepare for packed lunches
If your children prefer to take in packed lunches, give them a lift with some new ideas instead of just sandwiches five days a week. Check out these packed lunch makeovers. Think, too, about packing in a few great snacks to give the kids the best nutritional boost (or keep them on standby for refueling when they get home from school). Here are some ideas for Quick super snacks.


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4.School run sorted
Drop-off and pick-up can often be rushed, yet if you can get everyone sorted, your journey time can actually be a valuable chance to talk through school progress and news with your child. Check out these Savvy school run tips to turn this chore into a pleasure and make sure everyone gets to school on time.

5. Create a homework routine
Keep a checklist on the fridge so you can remind and support your child when homework needs to be done. It’s important to create a tidy and quiet space for your child to study. For useful ways in which to make homework more interesting, try these ways to Manage homework time.

Savvy tip
The return to a full school week can be tiring for children of all ages. Don’t over-plan the first couple of weekends after the term restarts, so you can all get a good rest.

Pass it on – making back to school supplies affordable
Uniform, trips and stationery can drain your purse. Get your family finances in shape with our School year budget planner.

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