7 secrets to make family shopping with children easier for everyone

7 secrets to make family shopping with children easier for everyone

A day out with the kids can be tricky when it involves high street shopping. Read these smart ways to get around the shops when you have to take the family with you.

How to take children shopping

While some malls and big stores have play areas for smaller children, there are times when you just can’t avoid taking the kids shopping with you. Try these tips for keeping everyone happy, and make the next family day out to the shops fun!

1.  Online Shopping

Online clothes shopping could be the answer or a great place for research. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But check our Online shopping – tips to keep you safe to make sure you have a good experience when spending money on websites.

2. Go early

If you have to take the kids with you – especially if you’re going to buy children’s clothes or shoes – be at the shops as they open. Children and crowds really don’t mix!

3. Make a list

Even if you usually love to browse from store to store, if you have other people with you, their boredom will take all the fun out of shopping! Be focused about what you all need.

4. Plan a route

Head first for the shop where you’re likely to do most of your shopping so you can all feel you have really achieved something quickly. Also make a mental note of where department store toilets are – loo-breaks might help!


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5. Save the treats

If your children are in tow and they have savings to spend or you’re buying them something nice, make sure you do the ‘boring’ shopping first or they’ll have their fun and then be nagging to go home.

6. Don’t dither

If you are planning to shop for something for yourself and you know it’s going to take some time to choose – like a new dress or something for your home – either do some research online first to reduce how many options you’ll be looking at, or save that task for a day when you’re on your own. Keep it simple when shopping for kids’ clothes too, don’t baffle them with too many choices.

7. Set the kids a task

Tell your children that you need to buy something and challenge them to help. ‘See if you can find the perfect present you think granny will love for her birthday.’ ‘Who can help me find the cheapest yummy-looking pudding for tea tonight?’ You get the idea!

Savvy tip

Make sure everyone’s eaten before you set off and keep a supply of drinks with you so you don’t waste time and money making stops at cafes every five minutes.

Pass it on – shopping shift swaps

Ideally, unless the kids have to try clothes on, we all know shopping is easier without them! Offer to do a playdate swap with another family so you both get quality time to get your shopping done.

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