A La Car

A La Car

A La Car

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Today’s argument in the back of the car:

Evie: ‘Mum-meee, he hit me.’
Tom: ‘She hit me more.’
Evie: ‘He smells of cabbage.’
Tom: ‘Do not.’
Evie: ‘Do too.’ 
Tom: ‘Do not’

(Continues like this for at least 10 minutes.)

Me: GAH! NOBODY SMELLS OF CABBAGE!! The next person to say anybody smells of cabbage gets no sweeties for a week. Understand? I’ve had enough.
Evie: He smells like bacon.
Tom: Do not.
Evie: Do too.


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(Continues ad infinitum.)

Me: OK, if nobody talks, you both get sweeties. Lots of them.

*Blissful silence*

- Thursday 28th November 2013

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