A Perfect Evening!

A Perfect Evening!

A Perfect Evening!

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Our girls’ night finally happened! It’s a miracle really. Jane’s babysitter nearly didn’t show. Then at Giovanni’s, midway through my carbonara the fire alarm went off and we evacuated back to Jane’s house. Cue the funniest two hours I’ve had in months as we surfed online looking at photos of school friends (and enemies). WOW! Dave Preston, my first proper boyfriend (proper because he made me a mix tape) now runs a sheep farm in New Zealand! Dani Kellogg has married Gary Barratt! And Debra Biggs is a Zumba instructor!


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Somewhere amidst all of this I still managed a devastating karaoke session. A PERFECT EVENING.

- Thursday 16th May 2013

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