A&E Regulars

A&E Regulars

A&E Regulars

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Considering the ages of Tom and Evie I’ve been to A&E relatively little. Or so I thought. We rocked up to the hospital yesterday because Tom got a bead from Evie’s necklace stuck up his nose. On previous visits we’ve had a lovely doctor who’s a little bit dreamy. I mean he’s not a patch on Dave. He’s a bit younger. And he’s a doctor. 

Anyhow, when he arrived he greeted Tom and Evie like old friends.

“Hello Evie, how’s school? And young Tom, what have you done this time?”


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“This time! Do we come here that much?” I giggled.

“Oh a fair amount. Right then, let’s get to work.”

I felt awful. This doctor obviously thought I was a careless, insensitive mother who’s children crashed from one accident to another, completely unsupervised. Tom seemed much more pliant when Dr Westfield spoke to him and in no time a bead that looked much smaller in Tom’s nose than it does out of it, was extracted.

- Friday 30th August 2013

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