All Over Again

All Over Again

All Over Again

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Everybody's gone, except for my sister Rosie, who's having some sort of man- drama and so is "really loving hanging out my other home (!)" It's like having another child in the house. She expects laundry to be done and meals to appear, as if by magic. The kids adore her though. She buys them exactly the right presents and tells inappropriate stories in their presence. I catch Evie gazing at her, her eyes lit up in quite a worrying way.

It's quite sad to be back to a (relatively) empty house. Although in quiet moments, I can still hear the M.I.L. standing in my shadow, barking, 'You'll want to get some Ariel on that.' And it was rather nice having so many people here, even if they did all say, 'I'll just leave this here, shall I?' instead of washing up, and veto-ing my movie choices.


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And now we're in that weird lull between Christmas and New Year. It's dead time, like being on an aeroplane. If you're avoiding the temptation-slash-living hell of the sales, there's not much to do but eat leftover chocolate log and watch those roundup-of-the-year quiz programmes.

Hmm. Despite having spent the past week cursing celebrity chefs and their unattainable standards/penchant for impossible-to-find ingredients, I'd now like to do it all over again.

- Friday 28th December 2012

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