Anyone for tennis?

Anyone for tennis?

Anyone for tennis?

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

It’s tennis season - a cocktail of British under achievement and poor weather. It also means...

  1. It’s the only time of the year you don’t feel guilty about watching telly during the day.
  2. Er...
  3. That’s it.

But no daytime TV for me because tomorrow, drum roll please, Helen’s invited me to her fancy pants tennis club. You can tell it’s posh because it calls itself a ‘lawn racquet ground’. Whooooo!


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You can’t rock up in trainers and trackie bottoms – you’ve got to wear full whites which I’ve cobbled together. And Dave’s mum has lent me her racket, that looks like the sort of thing 19th Century mountain climbers attached to their feet when tackling the Eiger.

| showed Dave the ensemble and through a barely suppressed grin said I looked fit to win a tournament. In 1981.

- Friday 21st June 2013

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