April Fool's

April Fool's

April Fool's

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Massive philosophical insight No.3: Children teach you things. Okay I know that's stating the bleedin' obvious but hear me out. April Fool's Day is one of those occasions, like Halloween and Harvest Festival, you spend whole decades not noticing. Then you have kids and suddenly it's pranks and practical jokes a go-go.

Actually, all of yesterday's shenanigans were orchestrated by the love of my life, Dave. And there is something genuinely sweet about him getting the kids up extra early to fool Mummy. And they did get me. Oh yes they did.

I had to get Tom and Evie to the pool by 8:30. Up, dressed everyone, fed everyone, left breakfast plates and mugs (the dishwasher's broken and too boring to write about). Got to the car to discover a PARKING TICKET.


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I saw it from 10 yards away and, oh, there's nothing like a folded note under the windscreen to make your heart sink. With anger swelling and muttering unrepeatable language I approached the car. On inspection however, I was pretty sure the council didn't write their tickets in purple glitter pen. Turning round to see them all at the window laughing made it the happiest Monday morning in an age.

Now it's time for REVENGE! Any thoughts gladly welcome...

- Monday April 1st 2013

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