Are you a Spa Sort of Person?

Are you a Spa Sort of Person?

Our resident blogger – Millie, Badly Drawn Mum – is about to get a well-deserved break, thanks to a surprise gift

My Mum and Rosie have revealed my birthday surprise. And well, yes, I’m quite excited.

I think.

Enough bluster. It’s a day and night at a fancy spa. Now I’ve never been to a spa but I’ve always imagined it as the sort of place very smart women lie about clad in mud and cucumber while choosing garden furniture for their country house.

Rosie says it’s A-mazing (of course she’s been before): loads of different treatments and therapies, jacuzzis, a pool. I asked if there was a DVD player and a minibar in my room and was assured there was. NICE ONE. And last time she was there, there was a football team staying. One of the ones I’d heard of, so it must be good.


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So I was super excited. And then best friend Jane left me a message on my phone. (NB Jane is not only very funny and very opinionated but definitely NOT a spa person.)

“A spa! Eugghh! Plastic pants – that’s all I’m sayin’.”

And then she hung up.

So: 36 hours of being pampered, versus plastic pants. I think I can live with that.

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