The Art of Christmas shopping

The Art of Christmas shopping

The Art of Christmas shopping

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

It's taken me nigh-on 20 years to do it, but I think I've sussed the secret to Christmas shopping. What, you want me to tell you? Oh, go on then.

First, the don'ts, which is what I always used to do. Namely, shuffle down a packed, rainy high street, pressing my nose to shop windows while wondering if Dave had secretly always wanted a novelty sudoku toilet roll.

This way misery lies.


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Nope, all you do is choose one shop – it can be any shop, but only one – and tell yourself that you have to buy all your presents there. This basically means picking a department store – cos, let's face it, you're not going to cover everybody from kids to M.I.L.s in a fishmongers. But at least that way you get to do it all indoors, and there's usually a nice café where you can have a big sit- down.

And if you choose one with a food hall attached, you can get the weekly shop in while you're at it. BAM! Two birds, one stone.

- Thursday 20th December 2012

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