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Back to School 2014

Back to School

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

So back to school for us all in a day or two. Talking about school yesterday, Tom has asked me not to go into nursery with him. He can walk in by himself, he said straightforwardly. Whilst I am relieved and proud of his confidence, I can’t help feeling that another small thread is slipping through my fingers.

Obviously the solution to the nagging emptiness caused by your children starting school, is finding a worthwhile, absorbing activity that cleverly nails that elusive GAP IN THE MARKET. (Oh and earns you lots and lots of money). I have made various attempts at this over the years:


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  • JAM. Turns out this is actually quite complicated and after taking a look at the zillion jars I made, no one in my family dared to try any.
  • PIES - rehash of jam experiment although Rita thought they were yummy.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER - turns out you actually have to be quite GOOD at this.
  • FLORIST - ditto.

I am sitting here waiting for inspiration to strike. I’ll let you know.

- Friday 3rd January 2014

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