Back to school planner

Back to school planner

How to use the summer holidays to prepare your children for going back to school without any hassle.

It’s worth doing a little planning to make the new term much easier for you and your kids with these back to school activities and tips.

School Holiday timetable

Week 1 & 2: Relax!
Research shows children need the downtime of school holidays to rest their bodies  and minds. Imaginative play is just as enriching as lessons, so encourage them to create games and invite friends over.

Week 3: Get school uniform sorted
At the end of August the shops are overrun with parents frantically searching for shirts and shoes in the right sizes, so get ahead now. School clothes don’t have to cost a fortune. See what still fits before spending money you don’t need to, and try our 5 top school uniform saving money tips.


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Week 4: Try new packed lunch ideas
Ditch the same old sarnies! Use picnic days out in the holidays to trial-run tasty new packed lunch ideas for the new term. Ask other mums for their top tips and healthy packed lunch ideas or check out our 5 brilliant packed lunch ideas.

Week 5: Timetable the back to school activities
Make a list - PE days, map out after school clubs and start to make arrangements with other parents so you can share the drop-offs and pick-ups. If you know what you’re doing when school starts again it’ll get going back to school off to a calm start. See our secrets for a Savvy School Run.

Week 6: Spend quality time together
Whether or not you work during the holidays, try to spend a couple of days doing special things so the kids go back to school with fresh, fun memories. How about doing one of our 5 inspiring days out for school holidays?

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