Baking? It’s a piece of cake

Baking? It’s a piece of cake

Baking? It’s a piece of cake

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I’ve picked up lots of things at flea markets over the years, like my vintage kitchen canisters. I’m a sucker for a pot that says ‘coffee’, ‘tea’, ‘sugar’ and ‘salt’. And very useful they’ve proved too.

Except that yesterday I found out they have a flaw. You can’t multitask while filling them. Otherwise you end up baking a chocolate cake using 225 grams of salt instead of sugar.


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I just feel sorry for my friend Helen, who discovered my mistake the hard way. Poor Helen. There she was, struggling to be polite and say, ‘Why, Millie, this is delicious!’ while simultaneously drinking a pint of water. What made it worse was the big spiel about how it was my grandmother’s recipe, a family favourite, etc, etc.

It’s not fair really – I go to her house and get designer coffee and elaborate home-made truffle desserts; she comes to mine and gets builders’ tea and chocolate salt cake. Just as well it isn’t a competition, or I’d be losing big-time.

- Thursday 26th April 2013

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