A bedtime story we couldn’t resist

When we asked readers about the ordinary things that make an extraordinary difference to their everyday lives, Samantha Hunt, from Droitwich, told us all about the bedtime routine she has for her baby Chloe, and what a special time it is for the two of them. A time that makes every single minute of the hard work that goes into being a mum, seem worth it.

As a thank you for sharing her story, we sent Samantha and Chloe a big hamper of goodies.

Samantha was thrilled with the furniture, video monitor and camera. And the changing bag with lots of handy compartments has been brilliant for absorbing all the baby paraphernalia that accompanies them out and about.

For her part, Chloe seems delighted with her cute new babysuit but her favourite gift has to be toy lion Lionel. Especially since Chloe now has two brand new teeth to nibble him with!


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Having a stack of Pampers nappies delivered was great – and Samantha can relax knowing they keep Chloe so comfortable and dry.

After all, we all know that a happy baby equals a happy mum.

Extraordinary results – Everyday Effect                                                                                       

It’s not every day you win a hamper full of goodies. But there are little things that make the everyday special. Your home smelling gorgeous thanks to Ambi Pur with Febreze for example. Getting into a bed with clean sheets that you’ve washed with Ariel. Little things that make a big difference.

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