The beginning of the end...

The beginning of the end...

The beginning of the end...

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

On the radio this morning I think I heard Slade banging out 'Merry Christmas Everybody's Having Fun.' (I say 'think I heard' because at the time I was wrangling a 2 year old, on the phone to my sister while scrubbing a frying pan.) If it was Slade, then drum roll please, this is officially the beginning of Christmas. Other tell tale signs include decoration in shops (obvs) and weird perfume ads from the last century on telly.

Inspired, or panicked, by the onset of yule I made a list. I make a lot of lists. Lists comfort me, make me feel I have a tiny bit of control over the cosmos. This list covers the next five weeks. Here it is:

1) Pack up house.

2) Evie's 4th birthday


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3) Move house.

4) Entire family come to stay for Christmas.

Three things strike me about what needs to be done on this list. The first is "AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH". (Okay, less a thought, more of a noise.) The second, once I've calmed down, is a bold Dunkirk spirit type feeling of "yeah well, I'm going to be busy but hey it'll all get done." The third is "AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH" again. It's 9.42. I am in bed (clean sheets, mmmm) about to make more lists. Rock n' Roll huh? All together now, "So here it is, Merry Christmas, EVERYBODY'S HAVING FUN!" Yeah, right.

- Monday 19th November 2012

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