Birthday party decor for kids - Lets use cupcake tins!

Supersavvyme shows how you can use cupcake cases for creating simple but fun birthday party décor. Create colourful garlands and table decorations.

cupcake paper tins

Use a variety of paper cupcake tins: choose different colours and patterns, the more the better.

For the garland you will need:

  • About 50 paper tins, all in the same size
  • Thick sewing thread and a needle

For a rosette-shaped table decoration you will need:

  • Two different sizes of paper tins so you can place one on top of the other
  • Wooden skewers (e.g. kebab skewers)
  • Brass fasteners
  • Scotch tape

birthday party decor

Start with the garland: choose the length of your garland by cutting the thread accordingly, then pass it through the needle’s eye. Thread the paper tins through their center. Alternate the way the tins face to give the garland more breadth.


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birthday party decor garland

With very little effort, create a gorgeous garland to hang on a wall or over a door. The kids will love it.

birthday party for kids

Let’s move on to the rosette-shaped table decoration: choose a small and a big paper tin. Unfold them and place the small one on top of the bigger one. Tip: choose different colours and patterns for a more original result.

creating a cupcake paper tin garland

Use the wooden skewers to pierce through the center of the two paper tins and slide the brass fastener through.

paper tin garland

Attach the rosette to the wooden skewer by folding the two metalic straps around it. Tip: add a piece of transparent scotch tape on top of the straps to make sure the rosette doesn’t slide down the skewer.

kids party decor

Et voilà, you’ve created fancy decorations in no time. Don’t hesitate to make several different rosettes in varying colour combinations to bring your table to life.

kids birthday party decor

Stick them in a cake or a candy jar, or even create bouquets by placing them in plastic glasses or a vase, anything is possible!

kid blowing birthday candles

Let the party begin. Make this birthday party unforgettable...

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