Budget Birthdays - The Rules

Budget Birthdays - The Rules

Budget Birthdays - The Rules

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Having started out with grand plans for Evie’s birthday party, the actual event is more of a homespun affair. What with a baby on the way and the economy in general, belts need to be tightened. So here is my guide to Birthday Parties on a Budget:

  1. Keep the decorations simple. The hall was transformed into a Mermaid grotto by hanging strips of blue and green tissue paper from the ceiling. Classy.
  2. Balloon chasing - a great way to burn off ALL that energy
  3. Superhero Game - hold a double page of a broadsheet newspaper between two adults with a tiny tear at the top, and get the kids to burst through the paper in a superhero pose. A winner.
  4. Apple bobbing. A timeless classic and the messier the better. I like to add flour to the mix!
  5. Sleeping Lions. Whoever came up with this game deserves a knighthood, no, a sainthood. SOOOO peaceful...
  6. Party bags. WHO invented these?! Cripplingly expensive, but not if you realise that all kids want is sweets (lots), a balloon and a small sheet of stickers. Oh and a piece of birthday cake that they will pick the icing off and later sit on in the car.

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So all in all I think Evie’s party was a success - everyone left happy and exhausted. But not exhausted as me and Dave...

- Monday 9th June 2014

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