Charity Ends at Home

Charity Ends at Home

Charity Ends at Home

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Yesterday I opened the toy cupboard and was nearly brained by a pink plastic iron, a pair of broken fairy wings, a wizard’s hat and a stethoscope. I wouldn’t mind, but I haven’t seen Evie play with aforementioned items in ages. Right, I thought, time for a charity-shop clear out.

I was ruthless. Until it suddenly occurred to me: maybe the charity shop doesn’t want Dave’s manky Rugby shirt, my ancient dressing gown and some dirty old puzzles? Maybe it’s embarrassing turning up with a bagful of this stuff that clearly belongs in a bin?


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So I got to work cleaning the toys, and washing and ironing the clothes. It turns out this giving-things-to-charity malarkey is quite a lot of work. But since it was for a good cause (a tidy house), I persevered.

And you know what, everything came up rather well. Have I been to the charity shop? No. Everything’s been kept. And if I’m brained by a toy in future at least the ambulance man will appreciate the gleaming toys.

- Thursday 23rd May 2013

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