Cooking with Mother

Cooking with Mother

Cooking with Mother

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I have been experimenting with new meals in an attempt to break out of the pasta/cottage pie/sausage cycle that is currently the kids’ tea.

Pored over all the books and websites on children’s meals and have some questions...

  1. All the authors kitchens are WHITE. How?
  2. There are bowls of fruit on the counters in PYRAMIDS. Again, how?
  3. There are no sticky fingerprints on the glass doors. Also they are seriously suggesting I give spinach risotto a try. I tried chicken risotto instead.

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Evie asked if Rita has been sick and Tom just looked at me, wideeyed.

And I had made the stock from SCRATCH. So to all those culinary authors out there, this is the undeniable truth about cooking for children: No. of ingredients + time spent cooking = total barefaced refusal.

- Monday 20th January 2014

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