Country Education

Country Education

Country Education

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

In the park yesterday we fed the ducks. Evie and I discussed where they might live.

Me: I think their nest might be in the reeds over there.

Evie: No it isn’t Mummy. Ducks live on telly.

Yes, according to my daughter ducks live in the television because that’s where she’s seen them most (!) Parental panic ensued and now our weekends are going to be chock full of wholesome activities: farms, museums, bracing walks on freezing beaches, you name it, we’re THERE.


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I implemented phase one of new plan today and we visited a farm. As diversions go, it ticked all the boxes – virtuous, outdoorsy and cold. The ducks were asleep and it turns out sheep and cows are a lot mankier close up than they look on birthday cards.

The other swizz about farms is that they’re not actually that wholesome after all. I’ve washed my hands more than Lady Macbeth. And when we arrived home, I got so paranoid I scrubbed the kitchen floor with three different types of cleaner.

Still, a bracing day out!

- Sunday 3rd March 2013

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