Cryptic kids

Cryptic kids

Cryptic kids

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I have no idea what Evie gets up to at school. None. For all I know she could be sitting in her pants eating chocolate all day or being sent to work down a mine. She completely refuses to tell me anything, which only makes me more determined to find out. I am getting quite good at at unpicking the cryptic answers though. This was the conversation we had yesterday:

Me: So who did you play with at school today?
Evie: That girl.
Me: Which girl?
Evie: The one with the hair.
Me: Er......
Evie: You know Mum, the HUMAN one.
Me: Oh, Alice
Evie: Yes


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MI5 have nothing on me....

- Monday 3rd February 2014

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