Dancing Like No One’s Watching

Dancing Like No One’s Watching

Dancing Like No One’s Watching

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

If you were to drop in at our house (and you are very welcome) any time between 5 and 7pm, you may think you had entered some sort of strange nightclub.   We have found a new way to fill that awkward gap between tea and bath time - Dancing in the Kitchen.  The lights are down low and the music is up loud - it’s an excellent way of making sure the kids are fast asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.  They are turning into proper little groovers, just like their Mum was in her 20s. 


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Tom’s style involves a LOT of finger pointing, mainly with his eyes closed, whilst Evie’s style could best be described as ‘skipping’.  Funnily enough, I felt strangely shy about dancing with the kids.  I was afraid that I would fall into the “Really Embarrassing Parent” category.  But after a few songs my moves came flooding back and I really cut loose.  VERY liberating (and surely good for burning calories?).  After one particularly funky move, Evie said, ‘You CAN dance Mum!’  See, still got it...

- Monday 7th April 2014

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