Dave's 15th Birthday

Dave's 15th Birthday

Dave's 15th Birthday

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

It’s Dave’s birthday on Saturday. Last night we discussed what present he might like:

Me: Had any thoughts about what you want?
Dave (unusually dismissive): Nah, not really.
Me: What? You always produce a long list of gadgets
Dave: Yep. But... (indecipherable noises)
Me: What?
Dave (sheepish): I’ve... already bought myself... something.
Me (hardening): What?
Dave: A scooter
Dave: A scooter

I demand to see it and Dave retrieves it from where he’s been hiding it in the garage.


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Me: You can’t ride one of those when you’re 37, just like you can’t wear jeans round your bum. How much did it cost?
Dave: £90

I’ve invited Dave’s parents round for a birthday supper on Saturday night. Seems fair.

- Thursday 18th July 2013

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Dave's 15th Birthday

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