DIY Olympics

DIY Olympics

DIY Olympics

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

So we all watched the Olympic Ceremony yesterday and it was even better than we had hoped. There is nothing like a stadium of choreographed dancers to really get the juices (and tears) flowing! We are still on a high here, so have decided to stage our own Olympics. Here is a step by step guide on how to bring the Olympic magic to your home.

  • Bobsleigh. How many family members can you cram into your laundry basket? We managed three!
  • Figure skating. Socks, shiny floor. Nuff said.
  • Speed Skating. As above, just faster.
  • Curling. One (slightly chewed) Frisbee and a broom.
  • Ski Jumping. Actually NOT such a great idea. Tom managed to break the leg off his bed attempting this, so perhaps it’s time to calm down, settle into the sofa, and let the professionals show us how it’s done.

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Happy viewing!

- Saturday 8th February 2014

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