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Encourage your child to try something new

Simple, fun activities for kids to liven up every day.

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Whether you want to get fit together or to motivate your children to give a new sport, musical instrument or even a new school subject a go, here are some strategies to encourage the kids to try new activities

Be their role model
It’s no good telling the kids to try a new sport if you’re not prepared to give exercise a go yourself. Let them see you head off for swimming sessions or time at the gym, or maybe even start a sport with them – like tennis or badminton.

Buddy up
It is more fun for kids to try something new with a friend. Ask other mums if their son or daughter might try a new challenge with your child – facing a new experience together will give them the support and social push they need.

Watch first
Sometimes children like to know what to expect. Either get some details yourself so you can talk them through what’s going to happen, or suggest going along to watch others during a session before they have a go themselves.


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Be there
If your child is going to try a new art club or go somewhere for the first time, make sure they know you’re by their side or, where appropriate, nearby or on-call without cramping their style.

No pressure
Encourage your child by talking about what others have achieved and what small goals they might want to aim for, but don’t confuse support with nagging.

Savvy tip
Change your routine to support your child’s new activity. Avoid making it seem like a hassle because of having to wake up earlier or sitting in traffic to get there. Instead ensure you’re organised so your new regime fits in easily with the rest of your home life.

Pass it on – fun new things to try as a family
You don’t have to spend lots of time or money to give fresh ideas a go. Check out our savvy article Do something different this weekend.

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