Feel at Home in Your Car

People take care to make sure their homes are clean and fresh smelling, and rightly so. After a strenuous day dealing with all that the modern world has to throw at us, it’s important to come home to a pleasant environment. The space where you rest and relax must be fragrant. That’s why air fresheners are widely used. In the home, they’re most popularly used in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

In the home you use air fresheners to create pleasant spaces for you, your family and guests – and the same should be true of your car, a confined space where bad odors and suspicious smells can linger and intensify. This is a place most people spend time in every day, often with little control of how long they must remain. While 64% of people use air fresheners in the home, only 12% have a car air freshener.


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The car is a haven for bad smells to grow. Pet mess, spilt drinks, dropped food, dirt and rain, even cigarette smoke, all infest your car’s interior. Dried liquids decay in upholstery fabrics and the remnants of long-forgotten picnics emit nasty gases into the air you breathe.

The best way to challenge this unpleasantness is to stay on top of vehicle cleanliness. Be diligent about clearing empty food wrappers out of your car, take time to vacuum the interior when you can and keep a packet of wipes in the glove box for when the kids drop their drinks. All this helps, and for lasting freshness that greets you and your passengers every time you open the door, choose an air freshener with a favourite fragrance. It’s often possible to purchase a car air freshener with the same perfume that you enjoy in your home. If you’re an irritable driver, select a scent that soothes; if you suffer from fatigue, choose an energizing perfume. It’s never been easier to make your car’s interior as welcoming and comfortable as your home.

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