Fun garden activities for kids this summer

Fun garden activities for kids this summer

Get creative outdoors with these no-cost activities for children.

1. Turn your garden into an arts and crafts studio
Outdoors the children can make much bigger art projects without worrying about mess. 

  • Try splatter paintings with lots of different colours – use leaves, pine cones and other interesting shapes for funky patterns.
  • Use long rolls of paper and get the kids to draw round each other then pin each outline up on the fence so they can paint full-size portraits of themselves.
  • Give the kids crayons and paper to take bark rubbings then use those as cool-looking backgrounds for pictures.

2. Make an outdoor theatre
Why not suggest to the kids that they make up their own play or show as part of fun outdoor activities? Feed them a few ideas then let their imaginations fly. Give them an old sheet or some strips of paper to pin up and paint a backdrop, and cardboard boxes to turn into props.

3. Back garden wildlife activities for kids


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  • Go online to websites like RSPB with your child to make a list of birds, insects and other animals they might see in your garden through the summer.
  • They can draw a wildlife chart with a picture of each creature and through the summer tick off any that they spot.
  • Get your child to take photos. Learning to carefully approach birds and insects without scaring them off sharpens their ‘wildlife explorer’ skills!

Savvy tip for messy kids
It’s great to use your garden as an extra play space in the holidays but the kids are going to get dirty. For grass and paint stains try these Top 10 ways to remove stains from clothes – with Aerial Actilift and Aerial Stain Remover.

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