Gardening parties with your children

Gardening parties with your children

Fun ideas for growing vegetables, fruit and flowers and how to plan a party for the results of all that hard work.

A great excuse to party
In spring when there’s digging and planting to be done, it’s great to spend time together outdoors. Then, come the summer, the garden offers the perfect setting for an outdoor birthday party – and you’ll have shiny red tomatoes, plump courgettes and sweet tasting peas as ready-to-eat goodies!

For tips on how to get your kids veg patch started, see our feature on Gardening for kids.

Step by step gardening party planner

  • Party Invitations – cut pictures of fruits, flowers and vegetables from magazines to decorate a paper invitation.
  • Placemats – cut paper mats into the shape of a large leaf that kids can colour and draw on.
  • Party favours – give each guest a little planter with a seed packet of seasonal flowers or a vegetable, like radishes, that are easy and fast-growing. Or pick large seeds, such as pumpkins and beans and put these in little gift bags.
  • Decorations – pick flowers from the garden for vases on the table or turn your vegetables into an arrangement with broccoli or cauliflower bouquets surrounded by edibles like radish roses and daisy-shaped cucumbers.
  • Prize ideas – a strawberry or tomato plant, a flower pot, a bird house, bird feeder, a small watering can, mini gardening tools.

5 fun garden party games and activities


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  1. Decorate the planter favours with stickers of bees, bugs, butterflies and birds.
  2. Read garden-themed picture books on a rug on the lawn: everyone reads a page and passes the book on.
  3. ‘Name that food’: find a bunch of unusual fruits and vegetables not found locally.
  4. Bucket fill-up: each team is given a tablespoon with which to fill a bucket with soil. It’s a real challenge with such a tiny spoon, but the first to reach the top with dirt wins.
  5. Nature treasure hunt: hide fruits and vegetables in unexpected places around the garden. Issue a checklist to each team. Whoever fills their basket with the most ‘treasure’ in two minutes is the winner.

Healthy food and drink

  • Put out bowls or platters of assorted vegetables, including lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, various beans and more, for kids to make their own salads. Top with pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds for added flavour.
  • Make a carrot cake! Also serve colourful platters of fruits with sprigs of mint and dried fruits.
  • Get the kids juicing their own fresh fruit drinks.

Tip – quick fixes to get your garden looking great
Check out our easy ideas for a Party-ready garden.

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