Get organised for back-to-school week

Your back-to-school shopping checklist

Get the kids classroom-ready with our suggested list of back-to-school essentials.

A new school year is a big event for the whole family – especially if you’ve been waking up late all summer! For tips on how to get back into your school morning routine, click here, but before all that you need to make sure you are prepared for the new term.

So go ahead and use this handy checklist to ensure your kids are making the best possible start to their new school year.

Your shopping list


Many schools don’t offer locked storage for children so they have to carry what they need to and from school every day. Make sure the backpack you choose is durable, has thick padded straps to protect shoulders and weighs no more than 10% of your child’s body weight when full.

Check school guidelines, but it’s best to let your child pick the style they want so they actually want to use it and look after it.

Clothing essentials

As well as the appropriate school uniform, there are other important bits and bobs to remember:

• Clothing labels
• Underwear, socks, black tights
• Suitable shoes
• PE kit including trainers/plimsolls
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Notepaper and files

Ask your child what kinds of paper they need for school – do they use lined and graph paper, for example? Then check off the relevant essentials from this list:

• Notebooks with subject dividers
• Two-ring binder with lined or graph paper
• Drawing paper
• Calendar for assignments

Writing must-haves

Check if the school has any regulations about using Biros, ball point or ink pens then tick off what’s needed from this list:

• Pencil case
• Pens and pencils
• Erasers
• Pencil sharpener
• Markers and highlighters
• Colouring pens
• Ruler
• Compass
• Protractor

Dosing Device

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Computer and electronic extras

Gone are the days it was all done with pen and paper – add these to your list for your modern-day student:

• Ink cartridges
• Printer paper
• Flash drive or memory sticks
• Calculator (make sure it can do all the tasks your child’s maths course demands)


Not all these things have to be taken to school, but they can be handy at home:

• Stapler
• Ruler
• Scissors (small, preferably ones with a small cap over the sharp end)
• A glue stick
• Sticky tape

Money-saving tips

Once you’ve made the list of what your child will need for school, you can cut it down by getting them to empty their school bag on the kitchen table. If rulers, compasses pencils and so on (and the bag itself) are still in good shape, they can be crossed off your shopping list.

Check the school website for information on what your child will be working on in the coming year – there’s no need to buy expensive kit (a scientific calculator, for example) until it’s really needed.

Also, before you head to the shops, go online and find out where has back-to-school deals running. Stocking up now will save you money in the long run.

And don’t forget about homework…

Make a space in your home where your child can comfortably do their homework.

Make it welcoming, with good lighting and enough room for books, as well as a printer and computer. Also get a noticeboard where they can pin up homework notes and a timetable.

For more tips on how to create the right environment for school work at home, check out Secrets for a happy homework routine.

Is there anything you think we’ve forgotten? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Very helpful tips save time of mothers and kids happy too with the handy list

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