Half Term - A User's Guide

Half Term - A User's Guide

Half Term - A User's Guide

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

It’s half term (cue applause!) Here’s my guide to cheap/free activities to keep the kids entertained. This year Halloween falls halfway through the week, which is brilliant news. That’s at least one day covered.

  1. Make the most of the autumn colours by going for a bear hunt in the woods.
  2. Go to the most unusual museum you can find. For instance, did you know there’s a dog-collar museum at Leeds Castle? I know.
  3. Go to an animal sanctuary (remember to resist taking one home…)
  4. Hold an alternative Olympics. Invite a couple of other kids over and lay on hula hooping, skipping, hopscotch, relay races, Frisbee-throwing… anything you can think of. You can even lay on a prize-giving ceremony afterwards. They’ll be exhausted after all that, meaning you don’t have to feel guilty for letting them watch telly. Bonus!
  5. Get the kids to turn their favourite story into a puppet show. They can build the sets, learn their lines and make flyers. For your part, you can invite friends, neighbours and family, and supply interval refreshments.
  6. Take the kids to the cinema. OK, so I know that isn’t free (and maybe not cheap, unless you go to those special Saturday-morning kids’ screenings). But by about Thursday, I guarantee you’ll be ready to pay good money for a snooze.

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And don’t take children wearing shoes with flashing lights. It annoyed everyone else. Especially when Tom shouted, “WHY IS IT SO DARK?” and “WHY IS THE SCREEN SO BIG?” until even the other 3-year-olds were turning round to glare.   - There! Half term covered. Don’t mention it.

- Tuesday 29th October 2013

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