Meet Millie

I'm 33, married to Dave and have two children, Evie and Tom. Before kids I didn’t appreciate sleep. I was also an illustrator. I still do the odd job when I can and I doodle all the time…

Six months ago Dave set up his own company (he’s a carpenter). He’s working a million hours a day but that’s not all! In the past five weeks we have moved house (needed more space / better schools etc), our entire family came to stay for Christmas and we’re getting a puppy. Yup, life isn’t hectic AT ALL. Anyhow, a few months back I decided to write a blog about this time in my life. Why? So I can look back in future years and when I wonder “Why on EARTH did we try and do everything, all the time with everybody? I can say “because it was worth it :)”

Here are some other things about me:

Aged 7 my school report said that I was the pupil most likely to end up in a circus.

I have a phobia of penguins.

A clean house makes me deeply happy. So do clean sheets.

I once accidentally bought a stuffed shark on Ebay.

One of the above isn't true.


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M x

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(Millie is a fictional character based on all those busy parents out there)

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