Help your child stay top of the class

Help your child stay top of the class

You don’t need to know all the homework answers to support your child’s schooling... But these tips will help…

Plan ahead

To make the most of your child’s schooling, it’s worth having short and long term aims. Even if your child decides later to take different subjects or courses, being prepared makes changing stream easier. Find out how to map your child’s goals.

Help with the homework

Kids get distracted from work just as easily as us adults do. Think about how you knuckle down when you need to do something. Creating the right setting for study and helping your child organise their school work is key. Check out our secrets to a happy homework routine.

Get to know the teachers

Talking to teachers regularly is the best way to find out where your child might need help. Don’t just save it for school parents’ evenings. Read our tips on How to talk to your child’s school.

Lead by example

If your child can see that you take learning seriously, it will be easier for him or her to do the same. Make time to read a book or acquire a new skill, such as learning another language.


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Read with your kids

From first words and learning to count to exploring teenage emotions and new experiences, books are so important for learning and relaxing. Just 10 minutes a day reading with your child can make a huge difference. See our guide to making reading fun for all ages.

Talk to your child about school

Even with teenagers you can crack open a packet of biscuits and unwind just for a few minutes over a coffee or a juice when they get home. The school run can also be a brilliant time to find out what’s going on, so chat as you walk or leave the radio off in the car and start a conversation.

Stop the mid-term slump

Kids can start off the school term feeling inspired and full of energy but as the weeks go on their enthusiasm can start to slide. If they’ve had a tough day, give homework a rest and snuggle together in front of a DVD, or take them on a midweek trip after school. Refuel them with the best-odds snacks, too, like our suggestions for after school treats.

Get a teacher’s expert advice

Deputy head teacher Louise Farnell works at a Yorkshire secondary school. As a professional and a mum of two, she shares really useful advice with us so you can prepare for the exam years ahead.

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