How to confuse the Secret Service

How to confuse the Secret Service

How to confuse the Secret Service

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

It struck me the other day that if I was under surveillance and my house was bugged, the transcripts of what I said would be pretty flippin‘ baffling. Yesterday I made a note of most of the things I said out loud.

“Rita is a dog not a horse.”

“Evie, can you get Tom out of the bin?”

“Daddy can touch the sky but he’s not as old as Grandad.”

“Don’t draw on Evie’s back.”

“My favourite dinosaur would probably be a Diplodocus.”


“Tom, sorry, Tom the zebra, can you please get in the car.”


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“Don’t take your duvet in to the garden.”

“Will both of you puts some pants on please?”

“Can you please bring your duvet in from the garden?”

“It’s pronounced ‘gallop’ not ‘gapple’”

“Did you wipe?”

“Rita, drop bunny! Drop! It’s alright Evie. No, bunny won’t need to go to hospital.”

‘Who poured milk in the biscuit tin?”

- Thursday 15th August 2013

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