In a while, Crocodile

In a while, Crocodile

In a while, Crocodile

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Five things that take longer than they should:

  1. Getting Dave to sort the shed out
  2. Supermarket shop with a toddler
  3. Changing mobile phone tariffs
  4. Getting eaten by a crocodile (I reckon)
  5. Cleaning a student’s oven

Okay so the crocodile situation is worse than negotiating a supermarket with a two year old. But it’s close. Every time I do it, I vow it’ll be the last. Then I’ll run out something vital and I think “Oh, come on, Millie, I’ll think – how bad can it be?”


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Cut to one toddler screaming because he’s hungry/knackered/or just screaming for the LOVE of screaming. Then there’s silent disapproval of 100 shoppers. I’ll end up buckling to Tom’s every demand and then have an embarrassing conversation with the checkout person where I explain that I’m not actually buying the trolley full of sweets and Choco-Marshmallow Sugar Crispies. I just came in for some washing liquid and nappies.

I’ve thought of a solution though - self-sufficiency. No, hear me out. I don’t mean proper, the-apocalypse-is-nigh self-sufficiency, but growing my own vegetables, maybe keeping a couple of chickens. We have outdoor space these days, spring’s almost here. I quite fancy myself in a pair of those posh flowery gardening gloves. But no pond. Crocodiles live there.

- Thursday 7th March 2013

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