Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Evie and Tom are brilliant at waking Dave and I up in the morning. So good in fact that when on the rarest of occasions we do have a lie in, you can’t. Our body’s ‘lie in’ capacity is broken due to neglect and under use.

As Evie and Tom have got older, we haven’t been able to lie in but we’ve certainly extended our dozing time with an ear out for any trouble. But it seems this is not enough for them. When they are up, we should be up too. Even if it is 5:35 am.

Evie has found a new, ingenious way to get us up which she executed to perfection. Her wake up tactics started as usual at 6:17.


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“Mummy, mummy! Wake up!”
“Go back to bed darling, it’s very early.”
“Mummy, Tom’s not in his bedroom and I can’t find him anywhere.”

Dave and I were upright and in Tom’s bedroom in less than 2 seconds flat. To find a blissed out Tom asleep in his bed. Evie got a telling off. Dave put the kettle on. And there we were. Up for the day.

- Monday 23rd September 2013

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