What I'd like for Christmas

What I'd like for Christmas

What I'd like for Christmas

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I won't lie – I'd love to be showered with jewellery and cashmere. But since Dave and I have set a 20-quid limit on presents for each other this year, it ain't happenin'. Besides, some things would make me even happier than rocks and jumpers. Such as:

1. A self-filling lunchbox
You wouldn't believe how often I leave for school feeling smug because Evie's fully dressed with brushed hair and teeth. 'You know, we might actually be on time today,' I'll think, before remembering, 'Aaargh, her lunch!' Cue a mad dash around the kitchen, throwing together cheese sandwiches and cursing myself for eating the last of the satsumas and yoghurts, which means I'll have to put crisps in her lunchbox and everybody will judge.

2. A self-cleaning kitchen floor
There are some household jobs I don't mind (ironing, for instance, I find quite therapeutic. Particularly in front of a good Sunday-night drama.) But others I really hate. Like mopping the kitchen floor.


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That's because EVERY time I manage to mop myself into the corner furthest from the door and the Flash. This means having to hopscotch back across the wet tiles, contorting to scrub behind me as I go. I'll then return 15 minutes later to see two sets of muddy, child-sized footprints leading out to the garden.

This process repeats until I give up.

- Friday 14th December 2012

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