Losing the Battle but Winning the War?

Losing the Battle but Winning the War?

Losing the Battle but Winning the War?

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

From the earliest possible age Evie has wanted to choose what to wear. I relented early on to encourage her independence. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, I haven’t been able to regain the ground. And it’s SUCH a shame because she has so many lovely, pretty dresses and tops. But they never get touched. 6 months ago she wouldn’t wear anything with sleeves, which in February led to many a meltdown.

This year, Evie’s Spring / Summer collection comprises of ‘tripling’ – wearing three t-shirts on top of each other. (Her favourite is a gaudy yellow with an elephant on it.). She combines a denim skirt with odd socks and completes the look with odd shoes. Yes. Odd shoes.


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We get funny looks in the street of course; other Mums smiling in sympathy, throwing me a look that says “You lost that battle then...” But I don’t mind. As long as Evie’s happy. And she really is. As long as her dress sense improves as she gets older...

- Tuesday 6th August 2013

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