Lying in the Park

Lying in the Park

Lying in the Park

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

I’m lying in the park with a posh coffee on a sunny day. Nice, right? Well, kinda. There’s something on my mind though. A few days ago Evie told her first bare faced lie. We were sitting having supper, when she very deliberately took my glass and dropped it on the floor. It smashed, of course. I raised my voice and said,

“Evie! That’s really naughty!”

She looked me straight in the eye and said clearly,

“I didn’t do that. Tom did.”

I was so bowled over by her sheer chutzpah that I burst out laughing (which I really shouldn’t have I know, endorsing lying as HILARIOUS.)

Dave and I talked it over and decided to ‘have a chat’ with Evie about how bad it is to not tell the truth. She listened quietly and seemed to take everything in. We congratulated ourselves on slickly handled piece of parenting.


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Cut to this afternoon, putting the kids in the car on the way to the MIL, Evie says,

“I don’t want to go to Grannie’s, she’s ordery and bossy and always says no.”

“Your granny is a lovely person,” I say unfailingly.

“That’s not what you said to Daddy. You said she was really annoying. I shall tell Granny what I think because,” and reserving a special look for me, “I must not lie, must I Mummy?”

But she’s right. From an early age we’ve taught her not to tell the truth but to be polite. And that sometimes means lying and now I’m more confused about the whole thing than Evie is. RATS!

- Wednesday 19th June 2013

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