Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

Ah, memories

There's comes a point in packing up a house when everything you own is on the floor but not in boxes. That is where I am right now. And thanks to my car boot addiction, I'm surrounded by all manner of nonsense, from a broken lava lamp to stuffed field mouse; each item with a particular memory that literally teleports me back to when I bought it.

ME: It's a telephone shaped like a pair of lips.


ME: It's a kitsch classic.

DAVE: But we don't even use the landline


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ME: It's 50p Dave!! 50p! 50p! It's a BARGAIN!!"

Yes, we don't have room for all these things, even in the new place, but these are my treasures and I just can't bring myself to part with them.

The other remarkable thing about this packing malarkey is finding lost items: The TV remote control (v annoying! Could have saved a year of getting off sofa)
Mr Bun - Evie's bunny who in April 2011 prompted a local search across a 3 mile radius involving local volunteers and family.

£4.87 and counting. Mainly in 5ps but the JOY when you find a quid!

Packing up is a roller coaster, a trip down memory lane and a total bore all rolled into one. And after it's all done comes the deep clean. Actually I'm bizarrely excited about it. Emptying your life onto the floor reveals nooks and crannies in serious need of a scrub or a dust. They are places where you make an immediate difference. But that's for later, for now, what to do with this glow in the dark fish tank?

- Monday 3rd December 2012

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