Men at Work

Men at Work

Men at Work

Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

This Valentine’s Day, Dave cooked me a special meal. Pizza. From scratch. Delicious, (rocket and blue cheese!) but the kitchen looked as though someone set off fireworks made from flour. There was dough EVERYWHERE. Seriously, even after an industrial clean I am still reaching for objects (pepper mill, teapot etc.) to find them encrusted with flecks of matter.

There seems to be only two levels when it comes Dave’s cooking:
Basic - cup of tea, beans on toast.
Interstellar - glazes, HOURS of basting, home-made croutons.

EVERY saucepan in the kitchen is used. I mean, when Dave offers to cook, does it really have to include two types of graters and a blowtorch?


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Now it sounds as though I’m being ungrateful, but I think that all these programs on TV give a very unrealistic view of cooking.

So here’s a new format for a show: - prepare a delicious, beautifully presented dish at the same time as locating a PE kit, finishing off a jigsaw puzzle and dealing with a full blown tantrum. Whilst on the phone. Oh and serving it to three critics consisting of Man who Wolfs Everything in 10 Seconds, Girl who only Eats Things if they are Pretty Colours and Boy who Only Eats Sausages. Would like to see how many chefs make it to the final round...

- Monday 17th February 2014

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