Millie, Badly Drawn Mum

So much to tell! We moved into our new house yesterday. It was exhausting. It rained. Dave was heroic loading and unloading 2 transit vans on his own. But we (he) did it and we're in. Wahoo!

At precisely 8.14 this morning I had an idea for TV game show. It's called 'Total Nightmare': A family put their whole life in 100 different boxes, label all of them miscellaneous (but can't spell the word so just put 'misc') and then, early the following morning, have exactly 3 minutes to find random items like a school bag, car keys and a kettle.


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Later on I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom like a woman possessed. The reason? My mother in law (M.I.L.) was coming on her inspection of our new house. I don't know why I get so nervous (Actually I do. She's taken house cleanliness to the level of a martial art and won't miss an opportunity to disapprove.) She commented on the smell (of course) and how grubby the house is (it isn't). But then, and this is a first, she offered to help. "Where's the vacuum?" Despite wanting and needing her help, was way more entertaining to say, "It's in one of the boxes labelled 'Misc'."

TTFN Millie xx

- Tuesday 11th December 2012

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